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London 2012 Olympic Games


London Olympics.

Every four years people from all over the world are eagerly awaiting the start of the main sporting events - the Olympics, preceded by a magnificent view on the day they start. And every time the ceremony is becoming more vibrant and colorful, expensive and at the same time memorable. Prior to the start of competition in the UK there are very few days, so it's time to dream about what will give us a vivid celebration in London, as well as recall some memorable moments of ceremonies gone down in history.





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July 27th the grand opening of the Olympic Games in London. It's no secret that this event is expected, even people who are not related to sports, those who just want to enjoy the colorful spectacle. And many, accidentally saw the opening ceremony, are infected with the spirit of the event and can not break away from the screens of all three Olympic week.

In the good old tradition of opening of the Olympics - the secret ceremony, details of which no one knows until July 27. But some secrets are already open, and through indirect details can try to imagine the upcoming holiday. We summarize some basic facts about the great event of the summer. The opening of the Olympic Games in London will be called the "Island of miracles." It is known that the ceremony will be staged under the direction of Danny Boyle - a famous filmmaker, a record that was listed first film "Slumdog Millionaire." Details of the statement itself is not known, but it seems that the end of the song is the legendary Paul McCartney, has recently confirmed its participation in the ceremony. As the action unfolds before the song, you can only imagine. In Athens, the center of the stadium was turned into a restaurant and made ​​a presentation on the water. Beijing has taken many - probably most remembered 2008 musicians simultaneously playing on their national drums..


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