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Coaching Soccer maybe a performing Art; A Coming Out Party or a Dance: A Goal can be Well Scored when People from different Organizations Collaborate to have One Common Mission "Coach for Unity". We would like to use exercise to reverse Obesity & Manage Diabetes. We Love to Teach Kids The Beautiful game on how to Pass the Ball to each other: Process is Slow down, Look around...As we pass the ball, we give energy, we make space for more to flow into Us. As we give, we also receive. Any Chance for a Goal Well Scored?

Goals are at each end of the field. Each team defends their goal, while trying to score in their opponent's. Players primarily use their feet to advance the ball towards their opponent's goal. Players will often use their head, chest and thighs to control and advance the ball. The goalkeeper is the only player allowed to use their hands, but only inside their penalty area. A "goal" is scored when the entire ball crosses the goal line, inside the goal. A goal is worth one point. Games may end in tie scores. Some competitions may have overtime periods, or use penalty kicks to determine a winner.

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