Business & Marketing services

RokStories In today's rapidly changing world, only well-planned businesses and communities succeed. TOD Umbrella business & marketing services, an economic development company, has been consulting with entrepreneurs, communities, and expanding businesses throughout our partners.

Those that are in business have done so for many reasons, but certainly one of them is to be successful.

Unfortunately, the road to success is not always smooth.  To overcome these hurdles and realize your potential, one needs to develop sound business practices and strategies.

We can help you or your community uncover demand for a product or service. After an initial consultation to determine specific client needs, TOD Umbrella guides clients through a process targeted to make your project, business or community more successful and profitable. We provide professionally documented, non-bias reports to make business owners and property developers successful. TOD Umbrella specializes in developing business plans, marketing and feasibility studies, and economic impact analyses.

We are in the business to help you become more successful. Let us know how we can help.